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Preparing your own income tax return can be a task that leaves you with more questions than answers.

Yes! We can be more efficient. In fact, we are so efficient that our office is paperless. Operating a paperless office affords Excalibur Tax the ability to be “portable”. Meaning we can come to you to prepare your taxes at home, work, school, or anywhere! You can even watch us prepare your taxes over the internet from any computer in the world!

Excalibur Tax also took the guess work out of how much your tax preparation experience will cost by using flat rate pricing for each federal and state tax form.

Prices are as follows:

2013 Income Tax Preparation Fee Schedule:
  • Form 1040EZ w/state: $75*
  • Form 1040A w/state:   $150*
  • Form 1040 w/state:     $205*
  • Form 1040ES w/state: $125
  • Bank Products Fee:       $70
  • Audit Insurance:           $50
Income Tax Advice:
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Simple - FreeBasic - $19.95Deluxe - $30.95
  • Single or married, under 65
  • Without kids or dependents
  • Standard deduction
  • Taxable income less than $100,000
Complete, print and e-file your federal return for FREE
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  • Standard deduction
  • Taxable income less than $100,000
  • Retirement income
  • More tax credits
Complete, print and e-file your federal return for $19.95
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  • All personal & business income
  • Itemized deductions
  • Any taxable income amount
  • All tax credits
Complete, print and e-file your federal return for $39.95
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Want to earn some extra cash this tax season? It’s easy! Refer a friend to Excalibur Tax Service, LLC and receive up to 20% of the net fees collected as a referral fee!


*Includes federal tax return, one state tax return, and supporting tax forms required for e-filing. Additional states are $45 per state. Does not include fees imposed by banks for refund anticipation loans, instant refund anticipation loans, electronic refund deposits (ERD) or electronic refund checks (ERC).

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Major credit cards accepted!

Taxes Made Convenient.

We specialize in exceptional service and affordable prices because we understand that our success is dependent upon you being 100% satisfied.

We Take Pride In Giving You Personal Attention And Pledge To Get You The Maximum Return Allowable.